UX/UI solutions for eCommerce

Rethink digital touchpoints and design better retail experiences for today's digital native consumers.

Best-in-practice UX

We help you create fully customised retail stores and unify the customer experience across multiple brand and partner touch points. Deep dive into your site and app IA to developer smoother customer journeys

Innovative product ideation

Our discovery process helps you pinpoint the pitfalls in your customer journey, identify quick wins and bring fresh and cutting-edge design concepts to your retail experience.

Optimise conversion touch points

Upgrade how you sell ancillary products with persona-driven and data-driven experience design that highlights relevant products for your customers.

Mobile first

Design a unique and differentiated app experience follow best-practice UX to help your customers shop and book itineraries, manage their trips and engage with your brand on the go.

Our solutions

Loyalty & duty-free shopping storefronts

  • Give your customers more to buy, with attractive and fully customised alternative storefronts
  • Upgrade loyalty programmes with a rewarding redemption store, or bring airport shopping pre-flight with a digital duty-free store.

E2E Travel Digital Experience

  • Design and optimise all aspects of essential customer journeys, from booking and servicing flows to trip management and check-in
  • Extras bundling and fare product presentation
  • Ability to modify all aspects of an itinerary (e.g. flights, extras, passengers, contact details) with a single checkout
  • Enabling fully customisable seat maps, ancillary cross-selling and up-selling for an enhanced shopping experience backed by business logic
  • Analyse and evolve check-in and trip management processes with target personas to create a frictionless user experience

B2B / B2T Agent UI

  • Modern corporate and travel agent UIs to equip trip planning and travel management experiences for your users
  • Upgrade merchandising look and feel for your suite of products
  • Offload service desks and optimise engagement touch points for efficient digital self-servicing

Inflight experience

  • Responsive inflight entertainment portal design
  • Browse through all media content available on board via user’s own mobile devices

Customer & loyalty profile portal

  • Enhance digital self-servicing capabilities and help your customers and loyalty members feel more connected with your brand with a dedicated hub
  • Enable customer visibility into all key service and trip management interactions
  • Encourage loyalty member engagement with incentivised rewards dashboard
  • Deliver better customer experiences that raise retention rates and drive conversion

Branded Operations Portal / Admin UI

  • Equip your business users with all the tools to provide your travellers with a next-level customer experience
  • Manage international editions, third party integrations, SEO and key marketing functionality
  • Easily create compelling retail touch points for your travellers

Native mobile apps

  • Design a consistent experience aligned to your branded channels
  • Scalable UX that optimises all key travel activities, from flight search to customer service for mobile devices