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Triplake. Data-driven dynamic retailing

Next-gen retailing
Amplify the ability to implement data-driven, contextualised self-learning retail experiences.
Enhanced up-selling and cross-selling
Capitalise on revenue-generating opportunities with intelligent retailing of ancillary and 3rd party products
State of the art customer experience
Tailored UX, display personalisation, built-in A/B testing delivering customer-first experiences to drive retention
React to market needs with flexibility and precision
Highly configurable and customisable. Real-time decisioning and control. Lean tech stack and delivery process.

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Why Branchspace?

Combine the power of a future-proofed digital commerce platform and market leading end-to-end digital retail expertise and capabillities.

Customer stories

We're working with the most innovative travel suppliers to bring a state of the art customer experience. Our long-time customer know we deliver what we promise and they share here their success stories.

We chose to partner with Branchspace based on their experience within the airline industry and the team didn’t disappoint. They provided valuable insights on the software products we are using and brought specialised expertise to the project. But it wasn’t just about the new knowledge. One thing I liked was their excellent working and getting it done attitude. They are a trusted partner for us.
Wolfgang Reuthner
Head of Solution Design & Implementation
We’re talking about seven or eight months to implement a new website and a new booking engine. In my opinion, that’s extremely fast.
Antoine Vella
fmr. Head of Digital Commerce
Branchspace understood our vision from day one and where we wanted to take this journey. Most of it was done online without even having one physical meeting, still we managed to launch a website and a modernised booking engine
Wayne Grixti
Branchspace did everything to support us and much faster than we expected! Not only they brought new ideas, they also had a great decision-making process, asking for regular feedback and constantly trying to meet our needs. David and Mark are great experts in eCommerce and the airline industry and we were pretty happy to work with them. We took on board their recommendations and will certainly work with Branchspace again.
Dmitry Chuyko
Vice President Innovation
During their collaboration with Aegean, Branchspace proved proficient, innovative and dedicated to actualising our vision. As a direct result of the outstanding creative abilities and deep airline eCommerce technology understanding of their team, we have managed to successfully deliver dozens of UX, UI and service design projects, with a lower cost, shorter time to market and greater impact than other equivalent providers have managed.
Elias Mandroukas
Director Digital and Loyalty​

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