Triplake Digital Commerce

Enabling next-gen commerce and releasing travel shopping experiences from the constraints of outdated architecture

Limitless Commerce

Triplake enables forward-thinking airlines, rail and other travel suppliers to redefine their digital experience with powerful retailing tools and next-level functionality embedded in one, agile, lightweight platform.

  • Sell more flight and ancillary products
  • React instantly to shifts in market and technology
  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • State-of-the-art CX
Drive dynamic experience

Deliver smarter, cutting-edge storefronts and contextualise your flight shopping experience with configurable business rules & ML.

Unify flows

Optimize every touchpoint with data-driven contextualisation and enhance best-practice flows, including Loyalty and Manage Booking.

Enhanced up-selling & cross-selling

Display and distribute rich travel content dynamically across your branded and partner channels. Contextualise flight extras to your traveller's trip purpose, price sensitivity and specific travel needs.

Smarter engagement

Serve contextualised price alerts and promotional marketing nudges at influential steps in the booking flow. Aid product discovery and help customers take advantage of expiring deals with perfectly timed interstitials.

Open & extensible

Pre-built connectivity into major travel distribution platforms, including airline PSS and NDC APIs. Easily hook into preferred offer & order management systems, CDPs, PSPs and more.

Dynamic retail engine

  • Intelligent and self-optimizing dynamic content selection.
  • Real-time experimentation and decisioning with feedback loops, CRM optimization engines and lightweight Clickstream analytics

Extensible UI framework

  • Fully customizable screens, flows, translations, digital assets and UI styles
  • Connects into preferred retailling engine.
  • Connects into preferred retailling engine.

Lightweight headless CMS

  • Agile and flexibly managed content repository
  • Accelerating design and development changes
  • Pre-integrated with Dynamic Retailing API and UI framework

Market integration hub

Orchestrate, aggregate and stream data into and out of your Retailer and 3rd Party Ecosystems.

  • Offer Management / PIM / Merchandising systems
  • Order Management / Payment Systems
  • CRM / Loyalty / Reward Platforms
  • Data Lakes and DMPs

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