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Payment has become a key strategic topic for airlines and other travel companies on their way. to becoming retailers. In fact, the topic of  payment is closely linked to customer experience and confidence as well as to airline retailing. Payment costs for airlines and travel suppliers have grown substantially, as have digital payment options and customer expectations.
For leisure and corporate travel purchases, credit cards still prevail as the ubiquitous method of payments for travel purchases. Germany has been the exception with payments via direct debit from bank accounts. Other exceptions now include payment apps such as WeChatPay and AliPay in China, or e-wallets like PayPal in the US or Lydia in France and an increasing number of new digital payment methods.
If airlines want to reach their customers in every market they will need to increase and adapt their forms of payment massively to local market best practices. Speed to market is essential. Airline payments are complex - the description of airline payment processes are covered in a book with 427 pages. A clear strategy including  the solution architecture is essential to ensure a seamless customer experience.
Payment orchestration is a way for airlines to increase conversion and manage payments in a flexible and cost effective way. "We really help our merchants in three areas with this solution. We give them the ability to increase their conversion rates by getting more payments completed; we give them strategic flexibility, which is really about ease of use – managing the ecosystem and doing more with less; and finally, we help them with savings on their payment costs." says Kristian Gjerding, CEO at CellPoint Digital and a Branchspace partner company.
We at Branchspace understand the complexities of the airline industry and have the experience and expertise to provide the right strategy to implement reliable and innovative payment solutions. We help to design a payment solution to provide maximum security, reliability, and scalability coupled with cost effectiveness for airlines of any size. Our approach eliminates the need for costly software investments, allowing you to focus on growing and controlling your revenue and cost.
Payments solutions

Manage your Airline Payments Efficiently

Recognise payment as a key strategy
Payments are a key driver for reach, customer  experience & trust, costs and innovation potential. This warrants focus on a strategy to optimise these factors.
Increase revenue
Implement market-specific forms of payment with high speed to market and utmost reliability to increase conversion rates and attract more customers.
Define technical architecture
Identify the best approach to realise your payment strategy and how to integrate payment solutions into your existing technology landscape.
Reduce costs
Manage ROI of payments, eliminate the need for costly software investments and control and drive most effective payment methods.

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