Elevate Your Digital Commerce with Triplake

Triplake offers a future-proofed digital commerce platform complemented by market-leading end-to-end digital retail expertise. Our comprehensive solution goes beyond being just an IBE; it serves as a leading digital experience platform and a conversion engine, drawing from the latest insights in airline, aviation, and travel expertise.

Unleash Flexibility and Control with Triplake

Airlines and travel companies gain unparalleled flexibility and control with Triplake. Empower your team to inspire, sell, and provide service without constraints, resulting in increased conversion rates and revenue. Moreover, enjoy significant cost savings by boosting direct sales adoption.

Personalized Transparency for Seamless Shopping

Triplake ensures a transparent shopping experience enriched with personalized dynamic offers that cater to each customer. Make every customer feel like your most important one, enhancing confidence, conversion rates, and customer retention. With Triplake, you have a single central hub to seamlessly orchestrate a consistent and frictionless journey across all touchpoints.

"Our aim was to make digital commerce that doesn’t just offer something to be bought, but that is the first step of a one2one journey with our customers. A journey that starts easily and ends easily."

Antonella Zirilli

Head of Digital Commerce and Distribution, Air Malta

Triplake Control Hub

With Triplake data-driven intelligence your organisation can respond faster to changing consumer expectations. Finally airline staff can get empowered in real time, without intervention of the supplier, no cost and time impact?

Triplake is designed to pull and store e-commerce related data from itself and any source in the e-commerce system landscape. Triplake Control Hub enables airline users to manage e-commerce content, perform experiments to optimise the presentation of offers based on data – using machine learning.

Improve your conversion, customer satisfaction & sales with contextualised, event-driven & more relevant offers!​Triplake will transform data into information and make it visible in the Triplake Data Cockpit, including insights and KPIs, e.g., conversion.

  • Easy integration of 3rd party components
  • Triplake Data Cockpit - powerful insight on the spot
  • Experimentation and A/B testing
  • Personalised Promotion Management engine
  • Personalised cross sell / upsell retailing techniques out of the box
  • Customer Engagement (1-way /2-way messaging) and Clienteling
  • Dynamic presentation based on various and expandable conditions (market, geolocation, holidays, celebrations, events, persona, season, loyalty tier, timezone, device, route set and more)

Triplake Ancillaries Marketplace

Sell anything, anytime, anywhere - and all of this personalised withdynamic retailing techniques. We allow airlines to sell a diverse range ofproducts that extends beyond the traditional selling of seats andbaggage. Tap into new revenue streams and provide an enhancedcustomer experience whilst building a local hero position.

Quickly respond to consumer demand, your competition and revenueopportunities. Turn your customers in to frequent buyers and engagethem beyond just the flight, increasing your reach for customeracquisition at the same time.

  • Ancillary Marketplace
  • Airline-fulfilled Ancillaries
  • Ancillary Bundles
  • Partner-fulfilled Ancillaries
  • Sell anything, anytime
  • Sales at all key touch points
  • Fast integration
  • Effective self servicing
  • Dynamic retailing techniques

Triplake Digital Web

What if dedicated Website Portals enabled a unified butpersonalised experience, irrespective in which role a consumer appears? Making the experience effortless? And all of this optimisedfor search engines to increase your direct sales and ROI? With deepknow how of the airline and travel domain? Triplake Digital Web is apre-built website portal designed to reflect all of this. With a next gencontent management system already included.

User Interfaces and User Experience are highly flexible and adaptive. Triplake Digital Web allows digital teams to control key adaptations themselves. It is based on robust UI/UX methodologies and consumer behaviour insights coupled with latest airline and travel know how. The solution can easily be enhanced with DAM, PIM andCDP functions.

Triplake Digital Web enables to retail any travel product, service,physical good, or for example vouchers, on a standalone basis and canbe integrated with leading travel & non-travel e-commerce platformsout-of-the-box. Designed to maximise the number of operationswithout development help. Our solutions team can help to create bestin class experience design and user experiences to make your airlinebrand stand out. Our Transform consulting services can help withcontent transfer, copywriting and translations.

  • Consumer Websites (B2C, Member, B2B, Call-centre)
  • Highly flexible and adaptive, fully responsive
  • SEO optimised, including dynamically created SEO landing pages
  • Experimentation out of the box to increase revenue & stickiness
  • Built in integration with Facebook and Instagram Dynamic Ads
  • Easy enhancements with DAM, PIM and CDP functions
  • Easy integrations out of the box
  • Extensible to any number of additional portals or sub-portals
  • Headless Next Gen Content Management System included
  • Unlimited local country pages

Triplake Shop & Fly

What if airline booking flows were transparent and self-explanatory, effortless and personalised? For consumers, contact centre staff, corporates and travel agencies? And what if consumers would feel like being taken care of while travelling, as if their favourite shop assistant was guiding them?

Triplake Shop & Fly was built to make this a reality. With our deep back end and front end airline and travel know how we break barriers of legacy technology and put the customer at the centre, ensuring a customer experience without hiccups. Let your customers feel taken care of throughout the entire journey, from start to finish.

Our data driven dynamic retailing capabilities allow product cross and upsell via integration into Triplake Ancillaries / Marketplace. Dynamic product search allows to upgrade merchandising capability and enhance cross-selling and up-selling with pre-defined business rules and Machine Learning based contextualised layout. Effortless contactless self- servicing capabilities with Manage My Booking.

  • Conversion driver
  • (Self) Servicing, MMB
  • Dynamic booking flows
  • Sales at all touch points
  • User groups B2C/B, Call-centre
  • Personalised dynamic retailing
  • Easy Integration Payment & more
  • PSS and OOM system agnostic
  • Automatic ancillary rebooking
  • Customer Messaging

Triplake Customer Retention

The loyalty experience is integrated into web and mobile apps, allowing airlines to provide a unified, seamless and effortless customer experience along the customer journey.

This means that loyalty programme members can make redemption bookings in a booking flow no different than the normal shopping and booking flow, leading to consistent brand perception and increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

  • Loyalty Program Integration
  • Unified Loyalty Experience
  • Miles / Points as a FoP
  • Redemption Bookings
  • Member Portal.
  • Preference based propositions
  • Payment Slider
  • Miles/Point combination and other forms of payment

Triplake On the Go

What if engaging Mobile Apps came off-the-shelf to be smoothly integrated with your digital commerce platform, just requiring easy activation?  

Personalised offers and inspiration experiences,. State of the art clear and intuitive user flow and user experience, based on latest customer behaviour and benchmarking results. Dynamic retailing propositions without limitations. Built-in notification hub enables in-app notifications and response action by user (2-way). Allow customers to feel as if they are your most important customer at any moment.

  • Mobile Apps  Android /iOS
  • Self Service Hub
  • UX/UI Optimisation
  • Relevant info on the spot
  • Single User ID if wanted.
  • Differentiating Design
  • Easy integrations
  • Dynamic Retailing techniques

Triplake MyAirline Brand

What if there was an IBE vendor with the deep experience to design modern and customer friendly digital touch points for airlines and travel companies that are tailored to promote and differentiate a specific brand.

Ensuring a consistent and authentic representation of the corporate design in the digital space and creating seamless and effortless experiences for customers.

In-house expertise saves cost while allowing to work according to newest principles and latest design knowledge and tools for every touchpoint. Efficient approach given our deep airline technology and process know how. With the use of templates, corporate design will automatically be applied to new design components, leading to additional time and cost savings.

  • Consistent Corporate Design
  • Unique Brand Experience Design
  • User Experience (UX)
  • Newest Principles & Insight
  • Brand Architecture Design
  • Consistent Channel Experiences

Take your airline to the next level