Branchspace Supports IATA in Demonstrating First Integrated Shopping to Travel Journey Using Digital Identity

Branchspace, in collaboration with the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and other industry partners, supported the first integrated digital identity travel experience, streamlining the process from flight shopping to arrival. The demonstration took place on a journey from London Heathrow to Rome Fiumicino with British Airways.

“We are really excited to participate in this PoC. Our Triplake dynamic retailing platform is all about helping airlines to create effortless end-to-end digital experiences for their customers. The contactless experience at the day of travel is just an additional element, and we were able to add this in record time thanks to Triplake’s underlying flexibility and the deep experience of our team.”

David Turton, CTO at Branchspace.

"Thank you to Branchspace for their collaboration in demonstrating the first fully integrated digital identity travel experience, from shopping for flights to arrival. Our goal has always been a future of travel that's fully digital and secured with biometric identification. Though we've had the technology for individual steps, bringing them together has been a challenge. Today, with the support of our partners, we've shown it's achievable. This is a significant stride towards simpler and smoother travel experiences in the future.”

— Nick Careen, IATA’s Senior Vice President for Operations, Safety and Security.

“Working on the project of the innovative IATA mobile app with so many important vendors was an exhilarating experience, marked by great teamwork and a fast pace.”

— Dorota Ziajka, Product Manager at Branchspace

Key highlights of the digital travel experience include:

Personalized Offers: Leveraging data, such as loyalty card details stored securely in digital wallets, to curate personalized offers for travelers.

Simplified Orders: Streamlined order generation that eliminates the need for traditional tickets, storing all essential journey details in a verifiable digital credential accessible via QR code.

Effortless Travel Requirements Check: Pre-journey processes to confirm travel requirements, backed by IATA’s Timatic system.

“Ready to Fly” Simplifying and Securing Check-ins:  Enhancing the check-in process by sharing necessary digital documents with the airline, ensuring passengers are ready for their journey.

Contactless Airport Experiences: The potential for a hands-free airport experience, facilitated through biometric gates, from security checks to boarding.

Branchspace supported the development of the end-to-end digital travel experience.

The LHR-FCO journey serves as a "Proof of Concept" incubated in the IATA Innovation Lab. Branchspace remains dedicated to such innovative collaborations that aim to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the aviation industry.