Airline Leaders Interview Series – Otto Gergye [Thai Airways]

This interview is part of Diggintravel's exclusive ‘Airline Leaders Series,’ conducted in collaboration with Brancshpace. We're sponsoring this series as part of our plan to transform airlines into better digital retailers. Throughout the series, we’ll highlight the key concepts that are shaping modern airline digital retailing, ensuring you gain valuable insights from each discussion.

In the evolving world of airline retailing, some airline leaders stand as a symbol of practical know-how.

With years of experience steering commercial success in the industry, Otto Gergye brings a realistic perspective to the aspirations of airline innovators.

In an insightful interview conducted by Iztok Franko, Otto, the Commercial Advisor to the Chief Executive Officer of Thai Airways, navigates through the noise of fleeting trends and focuses on what truly moves an airline forward: revenue and profitability.

Check out Otto's take on how crucial it is to keep a revenue-focused mindset despite the whirlwind of technological advancements.

Airline Leaders Interview Series – Otto Gergye [Thai Airways]