Airline Leaders Interview Series – Liliana García Magaña [VivaAerobus]

This interview is part of Diggintravel's exclusive ‘Airline Leaders Series,’ conducted in collaboration with Brancshpace. We're sponsoring this series as part of our plan to transform airlines into better digital retailers. Throughout the series, we’ll highlight the key concepts that are shaping modern airline digital retailing, ensuring you gain valuable insights from each discussion.

The airline industry is facing unprecedented challenges and opportunities in the digital age. Customers demand more personalized and seamless experiences, while competitors strive to offer lower prices and better services. How can airlines leverage data and AI to overcome these obstacles and innovate in the market?

In this exclusive interview with Liliana García Magaña, Director of Business Intelligence and Data at VivaAerobus, Iztok Franko explores how Liliana and her team are using data and AI to optimize operations, reduce costs, improve customer satisfaction, and drive business growth.

They discuss emerging trends and technologies in AI, such as generative AI, BI/AI-driven solutions, and image generation for marketing. Airlines can definitely relate to some of the challenges and opportunities that Liliana and her team face in implementing and evaluating their AI initiatives.

Read the interview to learn more about how data and AI are transforming the airline industry, and how Viva is leading the way.

Airline Leaders Interview Series – Liliana García Magaña [VivaAerobus]